The meaning of our name

We are often asked about our name and how it came into being, so we thought it time we put something in writing.

When manorbier castle was operational as a stronghold, manorbier castle, being a small castle, didn’t have the room or capacity for any sporting events to take place, as was normal with most castles in those times.

As they didn’t have J.C.B.’S or machinery, they were forced to find the flatest land in the parish, as it was too labour intensive to try to level a piece.

The main sports in that time were archery and jousting. The flat land in question where the sports took place were known as “the butts fields”, after the archer’s target “the butt”.

Over the following years, this land became known as the butts parish playing fields and later as a holiday park “buttyland” was born.

Damian Brown – Owner